National Energy Improvement Fund introduces “NEIF Financing Gateway” contractor sales tool for No Fee EnergyPlus home improvement loans

October 10, 2019

National Energy Improvement Fund introduces “NEIF Financing Gateway” contractor sales tool for No Fee EnergyPlus home improvement loans

New contractor-custom web-based tool streamlines True Fixed Rate™ customer financing options for
HVAC, remodeling and home energy improvements.

ALLENTOWN, PA, October 10. 2019 Approved contractors of the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF), a certified B Corp lender and national leader in home and business energy improvement financing, will now be able to use their custom “Financing Gateway” to easily offer their customers affordable low payment financing for all makes and models of heating, cooling, windows, siding and roofing, insulation, generators, kitchens, baths and more. It’s the contractor’s custom-branded website for no dealer fee, True Fixed Rate™ EnergyPlus financing , their “Apply Now” link, monthly payment comparison calculator and in-home sales tool.

The NEIF Financing Gateway can be used by NEIF-Approved Contractors in four ways: 1)to promote their company’s specialties, experience and affiliations to potential customers in NEIF’s “Find a Contractor” directory, 2) to use as their NEIF “financing page” and “Apply Now” link on their company website, 3) to use as an in-home sales tool with a built-in comparison calculator and direct application link that the contractor can install on their phone or tablet, and 4) to access their NEIF Contractor Portal to monitor project and loan status.

The National Energy Improvement Fund’s True Fixed Rate™ financing means the rate is locked in for the term and not subject to change like many credit products offered through retailers or manufacturers. Many financing options, even those that appear to be low fixed rates, are really credit card-type programs that can turn into 25 or 30% interest rates after the promotional term or if a payment is a few days late. Smart consumers also understand that the cost of subsidizing “zero percent” or other artificially low rates for longer term unsecured financing may result in a higher price for the product (somebody has to pay for it!). Because there are absolutely no costs for the contractor to absorb to offer NEIF EnergyPlus financing, they can provide their customer with their best price with the most affordable payment at terms not typically available for unsecured credit from local banks or credit unions.

EnergyPlus is simple interest, longer term, fixed rate installment financing from $2,500 to $25,000. There is no lien on the borrower’s home, no fees to the borrower and no penalty for pre-payment. Applications are decisioned instantly, the process is paperless, and contractors are paid when work is completed to the customer’s satisfaction. The interest rate and monthly payment are locked in for the full term of the loan, up to ten years, longer than typically available for unsecured loans from traditional lenders. All homeowners who are making qualifying improvements to their primary residence or vacation home are eligible to apply. Good credit and the ability to repay are required. All income levels are eligible. Current standard loan terms can be found at

Contractors can learn more about the NEIF Financing Gateway at and apply to become a NEIF-Approved Contractor at

The National Energy Improvement Fund (, is a Certified B Corporation lender specializing in True Fixed Rate™ financing programs for energy and other improvements to homes and businesses.

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