Offer Your Customers NEIF's Special Monthly Payment Plans Designed Specifically for Energy Efficiency and Home & Building Comfort Improvements

Join the NEIF-Approved Contractor club of industry leading energy improvement contractors

There is no charge to become a NEIF-Approved Contractor. 

NEIF-Approved Contractor Standards

  • Minimum 3 years in business, history of financial stability and your certification of a minimum $50,000 company net worth or compensating factors
  • Satisfactory company, Better Business and personal credit (if required) histories
  • Overall reputation for a high level of service and workmanship

To Become a NEIF Approved Contractor:

  • Click Here to Register

  • Our Contractor Specialists will get back to you quickly and send you the information needed to complete you approval.
    - Supplemental information form
    - Copies of any trade or contractor licenses if required by state law
    - Copy of your liability and workers' compensation insurance, $500,000 minimum coverage
    - Approved Contractor Agreement and provide the requested attachment information.

  • Our Contractor Management Team will respond to you quickly and we will set up a training session to get you going!