Energy Financing for Commercial, Non-Profit, and Municipal Buildings

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Available in all 50 states for projects $2,000 and up, NEIF specializes in financing virtually any type of energy efficiency, renewable energy, and resilience project for commercial, non-profit, and municipal properties.  

We offer a full suite of commercial financing products and ensure you’re matched with the right solution that fitthe needs of your organization and project. Learn more below.  

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Equipment Financing

The most common, simple, and fast financing mechanism used to pay for energy upgrades.  
  • Simple monthly payments  
  • Eligibility:  any commercial, non-profit, or municipal property   
  • Size:  $2,000 and up  
  • Terms: typically 1 – 7 years   
  • Eligible Upgrades: most equipment and technologies   

Download NEIF’s Commercial Finance Brochure for more information.

Custom Project Financing

A full suite of financing solutions for large, capital-intensive energy projects.
  • Commercial PACE 
  • Energy Service Agreement 
  • Renewable Energy Financing Solutions 


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