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NEIF makes home energy efficiency, resilience, health, and comfort affordable.

Looking to make energy improvements to your home? The National Energy Improvement Fund makes financing for energy-efficient home improvements easy and affordable. We focus on increasing the affordability of energy-efficient enhancements through transparent, simple interest, fixed-rate, low payment unsecured installment loans— with no fees to the borrower and no pre-payment penalties! Discover more about our energy efficiency financing and explore what options are available to you.

National Energy Improvement Fund is the nation’s only B Corp™ certified improvement lender, meeting the highest standards of social & environmental impact, fairness, compliance, and accountability to contractors and their customers.

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Eligible Home Improvements

Home Improvements are program specific and may include:

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Heating & Cooling

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Windows, Doors, Siding
& Roofing

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Air Sealing & Insulation

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Electrical, Plumbing, Kitchens & Baths

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Home Performance with ENERGY STAR®

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Geothermal, Solar & Other Energy Projects

"Promotional" financing programs aren't the answer for many consumers faced with expensive energy or other home improvements.

Transparent financing programs for energy-efficient home improvements are hard to come by. Those that appear to be low fixed rates transform into credit card-type programs, where your interest rate skyrockets to 25 or even 30 percent after the promotional term. With no patience for late payments, these programs prey on the opportunity of customer misfortune.

Understanding that the cost of subsidizing “zero percent”, or other artificially low rates for longer-term unsecured financing, may result in a higher price for the product overall is the first step to choosing the right program. Sometimes, your utility or state may subsidize the program which does not add to the cost to you, so be sure to check out those programs. The National Energy Improvement Fund’s simple, transparent and fair financing means the rate is locked in for the term and not subjected to change like many credit products offered through retailers or manufacturers.

Special Features Include

  • Finance 100% of your energy improvement
  • True Fixed Rate, Fixed Monthly Payment
  • Term up to 10 years
  • NO adjustable rate, “teasers” or surprises
  • NO home equity required
  • NO points, fees or closing costs
  • NO penalty for pre-payment or to pay extra each month to pay off faster
  • Instant Credit Decision, Easy Paperless Process
  • Fully Supported by NEIF’s Energy Lending Specialists
  • Only for work performed by NEIF Approved Contractors

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