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NEIF helps commercial contractors close more jobs, close bigger jobs, sell more high-efficiency equipment, and improve company cash flow. 

Commercial Finance Portal

Propose and close more projects with simple monthly payment solutions. Login and create a proposal in 2-minutes or less.

Sponsored Programs

Are you a participating trade ally of one of our many utility partnerships/sponsored programs?

Rebate Bridge

Help your company’s cash flow by getting paid for utility rebates/incentives in less than one week!
Finance Sales Training

NEIF trains contractors on best practices to integrate financing into a sale – to close more deals and never let lack of capital be a barrier again. Click here to schedule a training.

Sales Support

NEIF provides expert sales support to close deals. NEIF ensures the finance process runs quickly, efficiently, and effectively.

Downloads, Documents and Tutorials

The Finance Process
How to propose and close projects using the NEIF Commercial Portal

Sales Handbook

A contractors guide to selling with commercial finance.

Finance Toolkit

NEIF Commercial Energy Finance Product Suite.

Commercial Brochure

Basic terms for commercial NEIF commercial financing.
Benefits of Equipment Financing
Explaining the value of NEIF financing to your

Premium Contractors

Services for NEIF - Premium Contractors

Training Videos

Learn how to use the Commercial Finance Portal.

Solar Financing

Learn about NEIF’s solar financing options.


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