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Make An Investment That Makes An Impact

Certificates from the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF), a Certified B Corporation™ lender for home and building energy efficiency and resilience, are a Regulation CF offering through Raise Green, a marketplace for local impact investing, and an SEC and FINRA licensed Funding Portal. Raise Green issues securities for clean energy and climate solution projects that provide essential services to communities.

Your investment will help increase the affordability of essential energy and resilience improvements for home and building owners, contribute to carbon reduction and encourage job development.  Learn more about our mission below.

Why invest in the National Energy Improvement Fund?

earn a stable investment return

Make an impact and earn a fixed annual return

Contribute to energy efficiency affordability and earn a stable return with fixed quarterly payments backed by the National Energy Improvement Fund.

We’re committed to proven, affordable, climate-impactful ways to save energy through contractor growth and job development. We also work with utilities, manufacturers, and government officials to achieve energy efficiency. 

We focus on environment and climate

A typical financed residential project reduces energy use by 5-10% and commercial energy use by 15% or more. NEIF has completed more than 18,000 residential and commercial projects. 

We make energy Efficiency improvements affordable

NEIF serves all income levels including low-moderate income borrowers, where access to affordable energy improvements is vital. Low and moderate income households account for 52% of all loans.

help make energy improvements affordable


You Can Help finance the transition to energy efficient and resilient homes and buildings.

Every energy improvement financed by NEIF makes home and buildings more efficient, resilient, healthier and more comfortable. 

We support small business & job development

NEIF currently supports over 1,700 contractors, the vast majority of which are small businesses. NEIF helps small businesses grow by offering trusted financing to contractors’ customers to help increase contractor sales. Contact us to learn more!

The National Energy Improvement Fund, LLC (NEIF) is the nation’s only Certified B Corp™ lender specializing in improvements that make homes and buildings stronger and more energy efficient.

NEIF is committed to affordability, climate impact, and job development.