National Energy Improvement Fund

Financing the Transition to Energy Efficient and Resilient Buildings
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National Energy Improvement Fund

Financing the Transition to Energy Efficient and Resilient Buildings

National Energy Improvement Fund Logo

About the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF)

With a lending legacy dating to 1947 (AFC First), the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) is led by an accomplished and experienced team of energy and resiliency financing experts.

NEIF was created by Peter Krajsa, Matthew Brown, and Laura Nelson to address the climate challenge by mobilizing and deploying capital with innovative energy financing programs. Our mission is to provide trusted financing for upgrades that make homes and buildings efficient, safe, healthy, and comfortable–and our leadership and staff are focused on completing that mission pragmatically. 

Learn more about our management team here.

Executive Management
Photograph of Peter Krajsa, NEIF's Co-chair and Founder

Peter Krajsa
Co-Chair, Founder

Professional headshot of Matthew Brown, Co-Chair and Founder.

Matthew Brown
Co-Chair, Founder

Professional headshot of Laura Nelson, Chief Operating Officer.

Laura Nelson
Chief Operating Officer


Formed in 2017 as a benefit corporation (Certified B Corp), operating as a multi-state, fully compliant, non-bank financial institution.

NEIF provides lending and other services for improvements which make homes and businesses resilient, efficient, healthy and comfortable.

Led by energy financing pioneers Peter Krajsa and Matthew Brown and a team responsible for over $900 million in innovative energy financing programs.

NEIF is the nation's only Certified B Corp energy efficiency and resiliency lender, meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance, public transparency and legal accountability.

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NEIF's Pragmatic Approach

  • We are committed to supporting the full financial ecosystem of energy efficiency and resiliency finance.
    • We lend to commercial and residential borrowers.
    • We support the equipment installers and suppliers with advance funding.
    • We support and partner with utilities, green banks and green energy funds to help them deploy capital and combine their capital with capital from banks and other investors.
    • We operate state-of-the-art financing portals to achieve these goals.
    • We incorporate insurance options in the Southeastern United States that support customers making investments in resiliency.   
  • We are a fully licensed and compliant financial institution operating under multiple state and federal authorities.
  • We produce annual, audited financial statements and are under direct supervision of the PA Department of Banking.


We can do this because we have experience. The team as a whole has originated over $900 million in energy related transactions with industry-leading credit performance.                 

Residential Improvement by Type

We Operate Financing Programs Under Agreements With the Following Partners:

  • Duke Energy (small commercial programs)
  • Efficiency Maine (residential and commercial finance programs.
  • Eversource Energy (in Connecticut, Massachusetts and New Hampshire)
  • MCE (Marin Clean Energy) energy storage program
  • Pacific Gas & Electric (hospital and high tech industries program)
  • Philadelphia Energy Authority solar program
  • Rockland Electric Company (residential and commercial finance programs)
  • Sacramento Municipal Utility District
  • SoCalREN (LA County multi-family finance program)
  • Xcel Energy (commercial programs)