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3D Construction LLC

22 Barnards Way
West Gardiner, ME 04345
(207) 446-9086

3D Construction LLC

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    The National Energy Improvement Fund’s (NEIF) EnergyPlus Loan is a simple interest, unsecured installment loan for most energy and resiliency improvements.

    Use this Monthly Payment Estimator to compare different options and then the customer can click to apply for an instant credit decision. The contractor will see the application status immediately in their NEIF Contractor Portal.

    The loan may be paid off early or paid ahead without penalty. All loans are made directly to the consumer by National Energy Improvement Fund, LLC. Minimum loan amount is $2,500 and the maximum loan amount is based on your credit, up to $35,000. Payment estimates based on 12.99% APR. 

    Trusted Commercial Financing for Xcel Energy Trade Partners and Customers. In addition to valuable rebates for qualifying improvements, Xcel Energy – Colorado offers tailored, one-stop-shop financing solutions for your energy-efficiency upgrades through the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF).