NEIF Employee Feature: Meet Pauline DuPont!

The National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) is kicking off its new Employee Feature series today — Friday, September 1 — to not only recognize the various members of the NEIF team, but to put faces to the names who help make the organization’s mission a reality each day.

Today we introduce Pauline DuPont: one of the newest faces at NEIF.

Pauline is a fourth-year student who joins NEIF as an intern from Science Po Aix, a university in Southern France. This summer marks her first time in the United States, where she has been working closely with the NEIF team based in Denver, CO until mid-December.


Fast Facts About Pauline
  • Career interests: Pauline is currently studying macroeconomics and is interested in working in the energy efficiency space to mitigate & raise awareness for climate change.

  • Favorite part of working at NEIF: So far, Pauline has enjoyed working with our small team in Denver and appreciates the opportunity to form connections related to NEIF and beyond.

  • Fun fact: In addition to French and English, Pauline can also speak Spanish and will be heading to Argentina for five months next year as part of her university’s exchange program!

  • How Pauline Goes Greener in her everyday life: When she’s not riding her bike around the campus at Science Po Aix, she often carpools with others. Pauline is also conscious of her lifestyle habits such as meat consumption and purchasing secondhand clothes.


NEIF is excited to be working with Pauline for several months and cannot wait to see what the future has in store for her!