NEIF Announces New Program with MCE

This week, we at NEIF and MCE – a California Community Choice Aggregator – kicked off a new program to support homeowners’ investments in energy storage.  Storage comes in the form of batteries, that are often paired with solar power systems.  We are excited about this new program because it aligns so well with our focus on resiliency – keeping the lights on even when the power goes off, on supporting low to moderate income homeowners and on reducing carbon emissions.  The program offers homeowners rates as low as 0%, for people with low incomes.  NEIF will use its simple, on-line, fast-response loan origination platform to provide homeowners with the funds they need to put battery storage on their property.  Just as important, NEIF will continue to adhere to its principles of trust and transparency in in this finance offer, with no contractor fees, no hidden charges and long term fixed rate financing.  Just another example of NEIF continuing to fulfill its mission as a Certified Benefit Corporation.  

MCE Residential Energy Storage