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Earth Day 2023: More Than a Moment in Time

With Earth Day just one month away, the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) is here to affirm that the occasion is far more than just a moment in time; it’s a movement.

As consumers, we can surely all adopt behaviors that support the clean future that we hear about, especially around this time of year. Perhaps in 2023, the month of April — deemed as Earth Month — holds a greater weight than ever, given the monumental climate bill passed last August by the Biden Administration. 

The onset of federal support, in the form of tax incentives, rebates, and other grants, has made now a better time than ever to address the climate challenge facing our planet. And more specifically, stipulations in effect for funding better-define the options available for consumers, homeowners, business owners, etc. to help overcome it.

So, how does NEIF contribute to the conversation that we often hear around Earth Day?

NEIF’s efforts toward helping people and the planet go beyond one calendar day or month of the year. By the nature of its work, NEIF advances the reality of “Going Greener” for all home and business owners by making it affordable for them to do so. 

To “Go Greener, Affordably” is not only the tagline that remains at the forefront of NEIF’s branding, but it also encompasses the company’s mission at large. Its message is two-pronged, recognizing both:

  1. The need for energy efficiency as it relates to homes and commercial buildings.
  2. The role that affordability plays on the efficacy of consumers adopting more energy-efficient solutions.


NEIF deploys capital through the creation of innovative energy financing programs. Through its partnerships with contractors who have earned the NEIF Seal of Approval, utilities, government officials, manufacturers, and distributors, NEIF is able to provide low, fixed-rate monthly payment financing for both home and business owners who install upgrades that make their property more energy efficient. 

The same sentiments that are expressed around Earth Day each year are reflected in the day-to-day operations at NEIF. From executive-level management to our departments specializing in loan servicing, lending, business development, and more, the NEIF team is helping to carry out a vision for a “Greener” future.


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