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Celebrate Energy Efficiency Day: 5 Ways to Save This Fall and Beyond

October marks Energy Awareness Month each year, and with last month’s passage of the Inflation Reduction Act, celebrating in 2022 comes with a renewed sense of hope in addressing global climate concerns. The national day to take part is just around the corner — Wednesday, October 5 — but the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) is sharing five tips that will serve you well through the upcoming Fall and cold seasons.

NEIF was founded with the mission to increase the affordability of energy efficiency upgrades to homes and buildings. As the nation’s only Certified B Corp and U.S. Department of Energy Improvement Home Expert Lender, NEIF Goes Greener by partnering with contractors, utilities, government, and manufacturers to provide energy efficiency financing that is trusted and transparent. 

Ways To Save
  1. Schedule your annual furnace servicing before temperatures drop.
    Consulting with an NEIF-Approved Contractor to ensure that your furnace is clean and functioning properly is the best way to avoid breakdowns ahead of time – before peak cold season – and maximize energy efficiency.

  2. Identify any leaks in drafty doors or windows
    Beyond equipment, what is the quality of your home’s insulation? Improve efficiency by locating and resolving leaks in doors and windows, as well as air ducts, attic and basement entrances, recessed lighting, and dropped ceilings. Find an NEIF-Approved Contractor to help further insulate any areas in need of repair.

  3. Clean filters regularly.
    In addition to your annual furnace inspection, set aside time to clean and examine filters as directed to optimize efficiency. According to The U.S. Department of Energy, a combination of energy-efficient equipment and proper maintenance can decrease environmental emissions anywhere from 20-50%.

  4. Weatherize your windows.
    Reduce heat loss in your home by working with an NEIF-Approved Contractor to install interior or exterior storm windows. While this cuts heat loss by 25-50%, you might also consider purchasing tight-fitting shades to help insulate windows that are especially drafty.

  5. Invest in a programmable thermostat.
    The DOE suggests using a programmable thermostat so that your home can automatically lower the heat overnight or when you’re not at home. Your thermostat is much more efficient when programmed ahead of time – it doesn’t need to operate nearly as hard.

Are you ready to take the next step in making your home or property more energy efficient? Join us in recognizing October as Energy Awareness Month and contact an NEIF-Approved Contractor for other tips on saving through the season.

Sources: National Environmental Education Foundation,  U.S. Department of Energy