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About B Corps: How NEIF Uses the Power of Business For Good

In just under a week, the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) will join over 6,000 companies across the globe in celebration of B Corp Month. To date, the B Corp community represents businesses spanning more than 80 countries and 150 industries.

When NEIF was first organized in 2017, founding partners Peter Krajsa, Matthew Brown, and Laura Nelson led with the mission to make energy efficiency more affordable for home and business owners. To advance that goal, NEIF aligns itself with contractors, manufacturers, distributors, utilities, government officials, and trade associations to develop and provide simple and trusted financing options for upgrades that support more energy-efficient, strong, and healthy homes and buildings.

But NEIF’s desire to positively impact both people and the planet doesn’t end there.

In 2019, NEIF went through an additional assessment and verification process to become certified as a B Corporation™. The certification recognizes businesses that meet high standards of environmental and social performance, transparency, and accountability. In doing so, NEIF became the nation’s only Certified B Corp and U.S. Department of Energy Home Improvement Expert Lender partner.

NEIF began the process of re-certification in 2022, which requires the completion and technical review of the B Impact Assessment. This assessment ensures that businesses, including NEIF, consider the impacts that their organizational decisions have on others in five categories, referred to as “Impact Area Pillars” — workers, environment, customers, community, and governance. 


Using the Power of Business For Good

B Lab™, the nonprofit network governing B Corporations™, empower businesses to balance profit with purpose. As a result, organizations that are B Corp Certified adhere to policies that reflect and prioritize justice, equity, diversity, and inclusion.

NEIF is proud to be among an inclusive community who share the same values — business-related and beyond. Already at the center of NEIF’s day-to-day operations is energy efficiency and accessibility to affordable financing for all home and business owners.

Being a part of the B Corp community is another way that NEIF puts into practice its values of benefiting others and the environment. NEIF team members comply with standards such as compliance program training and in-office recycling, and are also highly encouraged to participate in volunteer activities and more. 

This March, NEIF looks forward to raising awareness for B Corps and celebrating this year’s campaign theme. Follow NEIF’s social media channels to learn more! 


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