Meet Our Approved Contractors: September 2022

Please join us in welcoming some of the newest contractors to join the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF)! In September NEIF was proud to approve 37 contractors who share the same commitment to quality work, customer service, financial stability, and personal integrity.

All NEIF-Approved Contractors are eligible to offer our home and business financing programs. Our mission is to promote energy savings by increasing the affordability of energy efficiency improvements for consumers and businesses. NEIF is also highly dedicated to helping leading contractors grow their businesses by integrating innovative, fair, fixed-rate financing into their sales processes. 

Congratulations on earning the NEIF Seal of Approval!

  • A.M. Botte Mechanical LLC
  • A1 Remodeling Service Inc.
  • Able Environmental
  • Air Temp Service Co., Inc.
  • Ambient Comfort LLC
  • A-Team Heating and Cooling LLC
  • Atlantic Air Systems, LLC
  • Baylies Insulation
  • CBM Heating & Air Conditioning LLC
  • Celtic Air LLC
  • DeRice Energy LLC
  • E N’ F Electric
  • Energy Tech Heating & Air
  • Executive Property Restoration
  • Filan and Conner, LLC
  • Focus HVAC, LLC
  • Franklin Home Services
  • Friedrich Heating & AC, Inc.
  • Geo Heating & Cooling
  • Hoffman Comfort Products
  • C. Lambert Electrical & Heating
  • Jenkins and Sons Plumbing and Heating
  • Jonathan’s Heating & Air-Conditioning
  • Long Island HVAC
  • Mccarthy Electric
  • Nicholas Electrical Company, LLC
  • Oceanside Service, Inc.
  • Professor Gatsby’s, LLC
  • Robert Deangelo Heating and AC Inc.
  • Robinson Mechanical LLC
  • RS Insulation Inc.
  • Sander Mechanical Service, LLC
  • Sanders Home Services
  • Smart Start Lighting LLC
  • Smith Plumbing & Heating
  • Vanguard Building Solutions, LLC
  • Walt Mccollum Inc. 


We are excited to have you as a partner!