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Matthew Brown Speaks at First-Ever Global Clean Energy Action Forum

It’s not enough to just make energy efficiency financing available to consumers.

This message was at the core of what Matthew Brown, NEIF Co-Chair and Founder of the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF), shared at the inaugural Global Clean Energy Action Forum on Friday, September 23. Brown spoke as one of four panelists on the topic of: Financing and Incentives for Energy Efficiency and Electrification in Homes and Businesses

Held in Pittsburgh, PA, The Global Clean Energy Action Forum garnered the participation of government officials, finance companies, policy makers, and other organizations from around the globe. This conference presented an opportunity to engage in conversations about the clean energy movement on an international scale: what policies and initiatives seemed to be working? Where is there room for improvement? 

Matthew Brown’s approach to the discussion was rooted in his 25-plus years of experience working in the energy finance and policy field. As one of NEIF’s Co-Chairs, Brown helps to guide the overall activities of the firm and oversees implementation of all commercial and rebate advance products and programs.

He acknowledged that there are often complexities associated with financing, such as paperwork, strict program rules, and long payment processes. For energy efficiency financing to resonate with consumers — to make it affordable, transparent, and trusted — the system has to be simple and efficient for contractors to execute.

NEIF addresses this by making energy efficiency financing easy and attractive to both contractors and customers. Contractors approved to offer NEIF financing can do so at no cost to them, and at the same time receive free sales training and other support resources. On the consumer side, NEIF’s residential and commercial programs provide convenient energy efficiency options — no matter the project goals.