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How to Protect Buildings From Climate Change

The National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) is a Certified B Corp lender who provides the fair financing tools and financial resources necessary to protect buildings from climate change! Our financing programs make energy and resilience improvements affordable by offering fixed, guaranteed monthly payments. These programs help finance improvements such as heating, ventilation, air-conditioning (HVAC), roofing, lighting, and battery storage.

In 2021 our financing and improvement strategies served 1,000 contractor business partners across 34 states. Our goal is to continue expanding that impact.

The Importance of Resilience and Sustainability

NEIF’s mission is to finance the transition to efficient, strong, and healthy homes and buildings. To achieve this, NEIF helps qualified contractors grow their businesses in energy efficiency and resilience markets.

Resilient design and sustainability both focus on energy and water independence, renewable resources, local materials, resource storage, community support, and preventing environmental damage.

 However, there are slight distinctions between the two.


  •  Using multiple energy sources, especially renewable energy
  •  Using multiple water source
  •  Passive systems with manual overruns
  •  Building designs that withstand disasters
  •  Floodplain evaluation for building locations
  •  Preventing environmental threats



  •  Energy savings
  •  Production of renewable energy
  •  Implementing recycled water systems
  •  Local materials
  •  Indoor environmental quality
  •  Brownfield restoration
How We’re Contributing

Climate: Financing energy efficiency improvements that reduce energy usage and the carbon footprint.

Affordability: Our financing makes energy and resilience improvements more affordable for homeowners and businesses of all sizes and income levels.

Resilience: We provide specialty financing and insurance programs for buildings in high impact weather regions.

Business and Job Development: We accelerate contractor growth and employee development with training, products, and programs.

What We’ve Accomplished:
  •   Servicing over 30 million in loans across 10,000+ completed energy efficiency projects.
  •   Offering commercial loan programs nationally and residential lending programs for 25 states in the
      Northeast, Mid-Atlantic, Southeast, Gulf Coast, and California.
  •   Successfully raised $7+ million in first stage capital from energy funds and individuals.
  •   In May 2020, acquired and integrated MyStrongHome (MSH), a resiliency-based lending and insurance
      benefit corporation operating in the Southeast U.S.
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Source: NearbyEngineers