NEIF Financing for Energize Connecticut Energy Efficiency Business Programs

Financing as low as 0% to 2.99% for Eversource & AVANGRID customers  

Financing as low as 0.00% to 2.99% for qualifying energy efficiency upgrades

Eversource and Avangrid, proud sponsors of Energize Connecticut, recommend qualified electric and natural gas customers to finance approved energy-efficiency upgrades using no interest or low-interest financing through National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF). 

  • 100% financing available, no money down 
  • Cash Flow Positive Financing Options – For many customers, energy upgrades will immediately lower their monthly energy costs and will often exceed your finance payment  
  • Stay Liquid – Save cash for your core business. Budget for a fixed monthly payment and rates as low as 0% 
  • Stay Flexible – NEIF financing coexists with existing or new debt. You do not need to put up real estate for security 
  • Secured Lending NEIF is B Corp™ certified to meet the highest standards of compliance and fair lending practices

Questions? Contact NEIF at or call (720) 724-7673.

Three Simple Steps For Customers

1. Get a Proposal

Tell your NEIF-Approved Contractor that you’d like to review a monthly payment proposal; or, contact NEIF directly. If you don’t have a contractor selected, Click Here!

2. Simple Application

Apply online and receive notification of approval typically within 2-3 business days. Note, your project must be approved by Eversource or AVANGRID prior to receiving a credit approval.

3. Installation

Sign closing documents and work with your contractor to schedule the installation.

Who is Eligible?

Any qualifying commercial, non-profit, or municipal customer receiving a Eversource or AVANGRID rebate through Energize CT Energy Efficiency Programs.  

Available terms between 12 and 48 months (C&I Financing up to 60 months). Work must be performed by an NEIF-Approved Contractor.

Small Business and Municipal Programs 

  • Small businesses that do not qualify for utility on-bill financing are eligible to apply for NEIF Financing with 0% rates up to $100,000, below-market rate financing for projects above $100,000.
  • Work must be installed by a registered SBEA Eversource or AVANGRID contractor.

Commercial & Industrial Financing

  • Qualifying C&I customers are eligible for 1.99% (comprehensive/multiple measure projects) or 2.99% (non-comprehensive/single measure project) rates up to $100,000; below-market rate financing for projects above $100,000.

Mid-Sized Business (BEA): Eversource Only 

  • Qualifying customers working with approved Eversource BEA vendors are eligible for 0% rates up to $100,000 (through reduced incentives); below-market rate financing for projects above $100,000.

Subsidized interest rates are part of the Energize CT Energy Efficiency Programs, brought to you by Eversource and AVANGRID.

What Improvements Qualify?


  • Lighting and Controls 
  • HVAC Controls 
  • Refrigeration 
  • Motors 
  • Process 
  • Domestic Hot Water 
  • Weatherization 
  • Other 

Work must be performed by a NEIF-Approved Contractor.


  • Domestic Hot Water 
  • Weatherization 
  • HVAC Controls 
  • Other

Three Simple Steps For Contractors

1. Register as a NEIF – Approved Contractor

If you are not already a NEIF-Approved Contractor, Apply Here!  You will also need to be registered as an approved Eversource or AVANGRID contractor.

2. Propose and Close Projects

Use the NEIF Commerical Finance Portal to propose and close more projects and bigger projects with simple monthly payment solutions.

3. Get Paid!

Contractors paid quickly within one week of project completion and verification.


Program Info Sheet

Learn more about the program and its basic terms.

Contractor Training

Schedule a one-on-one training with Jensen Handwork for a demo of the Commercial Finance Portal and process.

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