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  • Don’t Allow Surging Inflation – or Summer Heat Waves – to Hit Your Wallet

Don't Allow Surging Inflation - or Summer Heat Waves - to Hit Your Wallet

8 Tips to Achieve Greater Savings and Efficiency with Your
Air-Conditioning Bills 

With more than a month left of what experts predicted to be a hotter-than-average summer, heat waves aren’t the only thing impacting the nation right now. Rising costs of gas, food, and health insurance reflect the highest U.S. inflation rates recorded in 40 years.

How do you combat the heat without splurging on energy bills?

As the nation’s only Certified B Corp and U.S. Department of Energy Home Improvement Expert Lender, the National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) has expert insight on achieving greater savings and efficiency as we head into August. At the core of NEIF’s mission is to provide trusted and transparent financing to help make energy efficient improvements more affordable.

  1. Routinely clean and replace air filters.
    Air-conditioning systems work most efficiently when air filters are cleaned routinely and replaced as necessary. When air filters are maintained properly, unit efficiency can increase by 5-15%. Consider consulting with an NEIF-Approved Contractor for any questions or other maintenance tips.


  2. Ensure that your air-conditioning system is installed properly.
    Did you know that 50% of all heating and cooling systems installed in U.S. homes perform below efficiency? Proper installation starts with the search for a licensed, insured, and NEIF-Approved Contractor.


  3. Consider your surroundings: plant trees to help shade your home and utilize small plants to reduce radiant heating from the ground.
    A well-shaded home can save provide up to 25% worth of savings on energy bills and cool surrounding air temperatures as much as 9 degrees Fahrenheit.


  4. Look for rebates and incentives that support the switch to higher-efficiency air-conditioning units.
    High efficiency air-conditioning systems can reduce energy usage by anywhere from 20-50%. States
    and utilities, as well as federal and local programs often provide rebates and other incentives for energy efficient improvements. Learn more about NEIF’s residential programs here.


  5. Keep blinds and curtains closed during the day.
    Leaving blinds, curtains, and other window coverings closed helps to block sunlight, ultimately keeping your home cooler throughout the day.


  6. Set your thermostat at a temperature cool enough to keep you comfortable, and then try bumping it up a degree.
    A thermostat programmed above 75 degrees Fahrenheit can save 10-15% in total energy used.


  7. Improve airflow and ventilation by leaving doors open inside your home.
    Closed off rooms don’t receive the air they need, which impacts energy use throughout the rest of your home. Did you also know that ventilated attics can run 30 degrees Fahrenheit cooler than unventilated ones? Contact an NEIF-Approved Contractor for any service needs.


  8. Looking for system replacements? Lower bills? Work with an NEIF-Approved Contractor for efficient ways to save.
    NEIF focuses on increasing the affordability of energy-efficient improvements through transparent, simple interest, fixed-rate, low payment installment loans. Discover more about our energy efficiency financing and explore what options are available to you.
NEIF’s mission is to provide trusted and transparent financing to help make energy-efficient improvements more affordable. Get started today.