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Share Your NEIF-Approved Contractor Status Using These Graphics!

National Energy Improvement Fund Approved Contractor Seal

Sharing Your Approved-Contractor Status

How to Feature NEIF Financing 

NEIF-Approved Contractors enjoy the exclusive perk of being able to feature our energy efficiency financing on their own company websites. Reference the Jump Start Guide for further instructions on how to highlight NEIF on your financing page. 

Click the button below to download our NEIF-approved logo to display on your company’s financing page. 

Social Media Toolkit 

Share your new NEIF-Approved Contractor status with your social media followers! Copy & paste the following caption into a new post for your respective social media accounts: 

“We’re proud to announce that we now offer simple, transparent, and trusted financing options through the National Energy Improvement Fund (tag us), the nation’s only Certified B-Corp energy lender. With us, you can Go Greener, Affordably!

#NEIF #EnergyEfficiency #ApprovedContractor #Quality #GoGreener”

 Use the buttons below to download NEIF’s provided social media graphics – sized for both Facebook and Instagram. 

*Be sure to tag National Energy Improvement Fund on Facebook and Instagram:


Contact one of our expert Contractor Support team or Business Development team members for information or with any questions you may have.

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Business Development Specialist
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Business Development Specialist
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