The National Energy Improvement Fund ("NEIF') is a for-profit, public benefit LLC (Certified B-Corp status pending).

NEIF functions as a licensed lender and loan servicer, program manager and financing conduit, whose mission is to promote energy savings by increasing the affordability of energy efficiency and renewable energy improvements for consumers and businesses.

NEIF partners with contractors, manufacturers, distributors, governments, utilities, and industry trade groups to develop and administer financing and related programs designed to help improve the uptake of energy-related property improvements.

These include:

  • Heating and Cooling systems (HVAC)
  • Building Envelope Improvements (windows, doors, roofing and insulation)
  • Lighting
  • Renewable Energy (solar, geothermal)
  • Other energy related improvements for homes and businesses

NEIF facilitates access to capital to support energy improvements in buildings through nuanced understanding of capital structures, market needs, utility and state efficiency programs and efficient delivery of financing through our partners.

With a Lending & Servicing Legacy Dating to 1947, the NEIF Team has Been Responsible for over $700 Million in Energy Financing and Innovators in Some of the Nation's Most Successful Energy Financing and Partner Programs

Situation Analysis

Current financing options aren't moving the needle on energy efficiency or contractor and consumer uptake

Product Focus


Big National Banks and Finance Companies

  • Offer sophisticated point of purchase programs, but generally focused on “promotional” finance with high costs and dealer fees
  • Rely on generic, large call centers to provide customer service
  • Regard energy improvements as just “another thing” to finance like hot tubs and ATVs
  • No ability to integrate with utility or other energy programs or provide specific energy industry know-how

”Fin Tech” lenders

  • Need massive volume to feed venture capital return, requiring them to focus on large, high cost improvements like solar
  • Access to loan capital based on Wall Street availability and price
  • While some fin-tech lenders offer financing for basic energy improvements it is essentially treated as an “add-on” and not a core product

Local Bank and Lenders

  • Generally focused on home equity loans or which require a longer time to process or branch visits
  • Not generally focused on point of purchase financing, contractor network development or energy specific programs

Energy/Utility programs

  • Typically administered by specialty lenders, many programs, while offering appealing rates, struggle to find sustainable sources of loan capital
  • Programs are energy-specific, but often “over-designed” requiring too much information and work by contractor and consumer to spur rapid update

The NEIF Effect

Time-tested National Credit Standards promote consistent program design and loan performance.

  • Credit available to the broadest possible market at established, historical baseline standards with 15 year proven performance and loan loss of less than 1% annually
  • National improvement standards for single-measure and enhanced energy improvements
  • Established baseline standards, e.g., ENERGY STAR or equivalent
  • Expanded programs for enhanced improvements
  • Contractor and Sponsor standards promote consistent and qualified installations, lending compliance, borrower protections and reinforcing program integrity.

Contractor-driven energy lending experience + Best technology + program support

  • Leveraging contractor-driven lending experience, NEIF has partnered with GoldPoint Systems to provide the most seamless and compliant user experience for contractors, consumer and sponsors.
  • Instant approval
  • Contractor portal and point of purchase sales tools
  • Paperless process
  • Rapid funding
  • Full lending compliance
  • Complete servicing system
  • Full contractor and sponsor reporting
  • State-of-the-art contractor search and lead generation features

A better, sustainable source of loan capital

  • Aggregation of community bank, credit union and foundation/socially responsible investor capital provides access to the lowest cost, most sustainable and most diverse source of funding.

  • These capital sources form the core of the NEIF capital structure. They provide NEIF with an unmatched number and diversity of capital sources.

Alliances and integration with state green banks, utilities & others

  • Providing access to deal flow, to credibility and to subsidy funds that reduce loan rates, enhance marketing and increase contractor usage
  • These special relationships make an already good product even better. They allow NEIF to improve customer offerings to promote even more energy efficiency

State of the Art contractor, consumer and sponsor technology

  • Superior, energy-focused, origination, contractor support and servicing technology enhances contractor close rates, consumer uptake of energy efficiency improvements and loan payment performance

  • NEIF provides the best possible energy contractor and consumer experience with point of purchase payment options & contractor pipeline access

Experienced best practices in contractor, distributor, manufacturer and program support

  • We are not just finance professionals; we are energy finance and energy-contractor support professionals

  • We understand the nuances of energy efficiency marketing and lending and know how to build strong contractor and sponsor relationships that use financing to drive sales of energy efficiency with strong sales training and integrated marketing

Unparalleled risk management and lending compliance

  • Best in class and most experienced structures and lending team to manage contractor and lending and servicing compliance risks

  • Utmost focus on an engaged and financially and ethically stable contractor network. Deep consumer lending experience with systems and documents that are always fully compliant and current. Origination and Servicing comply with all regulations & bank partner expectations