Easily integrate NEIF's trustworthy financing into your sales process and marketing.

Unlock the power of simple and fair financing for your customers and make the most of your status as a NEIF-Approved Contractor.

Each NEIF-Approved Contractor receives its own custom-branded Financing Gateway

  • It's what the consumer or business sees when they find you in a search in our "Find a Contractor".
  • It's what you can use as your NEIF "financing page" and "Apply Now" link on your website.
  • It's your in-home sales tool that you can install on your app or tablet.
  • It's your direct access to your Residential and Commercial Contractor Portals where you can track all your deals.

Lead Generation, Reputation Enhancement and Marketing Exposure on NEIF's "Find a Contractor"

  • Potential customer can find your company contact information
  • Link to your website
  • Your company's specialties
  • Your manufacturer, trade association and other affiliations
  • Your states of operation
  • Your approved programs (with payment comparison tools)
  • Direct link to your custom application for instant credit-decisions

Financing Page and "Apply Now" Links on Your Website 

  • You can find your company's custom Financing Gateway by simply searching for your company at https://www.neifund.org/contractor-directory.  Copy the the URL from the address bar (from the search results for your company). That's the link to your Financing Gateway.
  • Add your Financing Gateway link to your "financing" or "home page", by having your web master add one of the buttons below linking tp your Financing Gateway URL. 
  • This link to your custom NEIF Financing Gateway can become your "Financing" page!

Your in-home financing sales tool. Compare price points and payment options and get instant credit decisions.

  • Just bookmark your company's Financing Gateway URL on your phone or tablet. You can find your company's custom Financing Gateway by simply searching for your company at www.neifund.org/contractor-directoryYour customer can apply right from your Financing Gateway on your phone or tablet or their device for an instant credit decision
  • You can illustrate "Good", "Better", "Best" scenarios and show the easy affordability of add-on items or deeper energy savings retrofits.

We are ready to help with questions, orientations or sales training for your team.

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