Custom website NEIF financing page, "Apply Now" link, monthly payment comparison calculator and in-home sales tool for NEIF-Approved Contractors.

Unlock the power of True Fixed Rate™ monthly payment financing with your custom NEIF Financing Gateway.

It's what the consumer sees when they find you in a search in our "Find a Contractor".
It's what you can use as your NEIF "financing page" and "Apply Now" link on your website.
It's your in-home sales tool that you can install on your app or tablet.
It's your direct access to your Contractor Portal where you can track all your deals.

Potential customers can find your custom NEIF Financing Gateway on the "Find a Contractor" tool at

  • Potential customer can find your company contact information
  • Link to your website
  • Your company's specialties
  • Your manufacturer, trade association and other affiliations
  • Your states of operation
  • Your approved programs (with payment comparison tools)
  • Direct link to your custom application for instant credit-decisions

Use your NEIF Financing Gateway as the financing page and "apply now" link on your website.

  • You can find your custom NEIF Financing Gateway by simply searching for your company at
  • Add your NEIF Financing Gateway link to your "financing" or "home page", by having your web master add this banner with the link to your URL for your company from the Find a Contractor search.
  • This link to your custom NEIF Financing Gateway can become your "Financing" page!

Use your NEIF Financing Gateway as your in-home financing sales tool – compare price points and payment options.

  • Your customer can apply right from your NEIF Financing Gateway on your phone or tablet or their device for an instant credit decision
  • You can illustrate "Good", "Better", "Best" scenarios and show the easy affordability of add-on items or deeper energy savings retrofits.

Contractor Tools

Quick Start Guide

Click to download the EnergyPlus Loan Quick Start Guide with all the tools and contact information to quickly integrate True Fixed Rate monthly payment financing into your sales process.

"Click to Apply" Button for Your Website

Right click the image below and "save as" to your computer to add to your website and link it to your custom NEIF Financing Gateway to feature your alignment with NEIF's True Fixed Rate financing.

Increase Your Sales by Offering "Power of AND" Financing

The high dealer cost of promotional  financing "buydowns" can force contractors to make customers choose between a rebate/your best price OR promtional financing.  What about the 50% of the market who wants your best price AND a low monthly payment? Click the image below to learn about using National Energy Improvement Fund's True Fixed Rate, low payment financing and getting a custom marketing piece with your company's logo and contact information.