As a NEIF Approved Contractor you have access to a variety of sales tools and information portals.

For Home Energy Loan Programs

Currently, the Efficiency Maine financing program is active

The NEIF Home Energy Loan, available in most east coast and mid-atlantic states is coming soon.  Stay tuned!

For more information contact Randy Bak, Senior Director, Business Development at or (978) 766-7348

For Commercial, Industrial and Business Energy Financing

HBC Energy Capital, a division of NEIF, offers an on-line application and financing estimator.

For more information contact Jeremy Epstein, VP, Commercial Finance at or (303) 949-2542.

For Rebate Bridge Advance Funding

Use the Rebate Bridge Portal to submit rebates for advanced funding

For more information contact Heather Braithwaite, VP, Strategic Development & Rebate Bridge or (303) 704-5057.