Rebate Bridge | National Energy Improvement Fund
Advance Funding to Contractors for Program Rebates
Graphic explaining timeline difference between traditional rebate payment timeline and rebate bridge payment timeline.

What can Rebate Bridge do for your business?

1. Stop waiting for the rebate agency to pay you. RebateBridge helps support your business needs immediately.

2. We get you your rebate cash fast. Use it to grow your business or pay your vendors.

Programs currently integrated with Rebate Bridge: 

Rebate Bridge program qualifications: 

If your rebate program is not listed above, you can still take advantage of the Rebate Bridge program if your project meets the following criteria

  1. Allows for assignability of rebates to third parties
  2. The rebate must have a reservation associated with it
  3. The rebate must be $3,000+
  4. Project must be complete before submitting rebate information.

To learn more, contact Heather Braithwaite


Phone: (303)-704-5057

Submitting Rebates for Advance Funding is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Gather the required project information

(Date, contractor email, program name, customer name, required program documents)

2. Upload that rebate information to the Rebate Bridge Portal

Must be submitted by Friday 12:00pm EST

3. Have money in your bank account within two business days.