• Do your utility or manufacturer partners pay rebates for energy efficiency?

  • Do you end up waiting longer for the rebates to pay out than you’d like?

  • We can help.  We’ll pay you your rebates within a week.

Rebate Bridge, powered by the National Energy Improvement Fund, specializes in rapid rebate advances to contractors for energy improvement programs. Rebate Bridge is a service of RBFunding LLC, a joint venture of RKB Capital and NEIF.

Once you become an Approved Contractor, Submitting Rebates for Advance Funding is as
Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Gather the required project information

    • Date
    • Contractor email
    • Program name
    • Customer name
    • Work Completion Approval Form

2. Upload that rebate information to the Rebate Bridge Portal  by Wednesday 5:00 EST  

3. Have money in your bank account within two business days. 

For more information contact Heather Braithwaite, VP, Strategic Development & Rebate Bridge  hbraithewaite@neifund.org or (303) 704-5057.

Click Here to Become a NEIF Approved Contractor