• Do your utility or manufacturer partners pay rebates for energy efficiency?
  • Do you end up waiting longer for the rebates to pay out than you’d like?
  • We can help. We’ll pay you your rebates within a week.

Rebate Bridge, powered by the National Energy Improvement Fund, specializes in rapid rebate advances to contractors for energy improvement programs.

Rebate Bridge is a service of RBFunding LLC, a joint venture of RKB Capital and NEIF.

For more information, contact Heather Braithwaite, VP, Strategic Development & Rebate Bridge at hbraithwaite@neifund.org or call 303-704-5057.

Click Here to Become an NEIF Approved Contractor

Submitting Rebates for Advance Funding is as Easy as 1-2-3!

1. Gather the required project information

(Date, Contractor email, Program name, Customer name, Work Completion Approval Form)

2. Upload that rebate information to the Rebate Bridge Portal

Must be submitted by Friday 12:00pm EST

3. Have money in your bank account within two business days.