Preferred Contractor Program | National Energy Improvement Fund
NEIF Preferred Contractors are the “best of the best” of NEIF Approved Contractors. Benefits include exclusive access to no-cost loan programs, elevated search ranking & special marketing programs.

Preferred Contractor Benefits

Preferred Contractor Status is automatically granted to Approved Contractors who are bonafide members and/or trade allies of these NEIF Partner Sponsors

Who are NEIF Preferrred Contractors?

They are the top tier of a selected group of energy and home & commercial improvement companies who have been approved by the National Energy Improvement Fund - industry leaders with a commitment to quality work, customer service, financial stability and personal integrity.  Preferred NEIF Contractors meet or exceed NEIF standards for financial stability and business integrity, are a member or trade ally of a NEIF Program Sponsor Partner and/or qualify by meeting or exceeding annual volume baselines.

What are the Benefits of Being a NEIF Preferred Contractor?

Standard Approved Contractor


Use of NEIF Seal/Designation

Limited to use of standard NEIF Approved Contractor seal 

May use NEIF PREFERRED Contractor seal in
all on-line and print marketing 

"Find a Contractor" Directory

Standard listing

Elevated ranking and listing with PREFERRED Contractor badging

Lead generation and access to marketing programs

Access to standard marketing materials and print portal

PREFERRED pricing and access to custom marketing materials, print portal and lead generation and on-line and print advertising programs by EnergyCircle

Energy certification and support

Access to Pearl Certification programs

PREFERRED access and pricing to Pearl Certification and US DOE Home Improvement Expert programs

PREFERRED Contractor Council N/A

Participation in PREFERRED Contractor Council events and early insights into special alliances with green banks, utilities, manufacturers, & associations

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