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Help finance the transition to an energy efficient & resilient economy and earn a steady return on your investment.

NEIF's Reg D Preferred Equity offering, with a minimum investment of $30,000  is limited  to: (i) Accredited Investors; and (ii) a Restricted Number of Investors Who Have Such Knowledge and Experience in Financial Business Matters That They Are Capable of Evaluating the Merits and Risks of a Prospective Investment.

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Non-Accredited Investors can invest as little as $1,000 in our Regulation CF offering. Information can be found at

Please contact our Senior Management with any questions

Peter Krajsa, Co-Chair & Founder

Matthew Brown, Co-Chair & Founder

Laura Nelson, COO, Founding Member

Corporate Offices: Allentown, PA; Denver, CO
(484) 838-5460

NEIF's mission:

  • To increase the affordability of energy efficiency and resilience improvements in homes and commercial properties.
  • To help contractors that serve the energy efficiency and resilience markets grow their businesses.