Grow your energy improvement business with special, low payment financing for homes and businesses and advance funding for program rebates

NEIF - Approved Contractors are top-notch companies who have a commitment to quality work, customer service, financial stability and personal integrity.

NEIF's team has decades of experience working with all sizes of contractors to help grow their businesses by integrating innovative, fair, fixed rate financing programs into their sale process.  Our goal is to help you increase your closing rates by providing your customers with an affordable way to pay for energy improvements to the home or business.  

We focus on sales training and contractor support with our management team always ready and willing to help you and your customers.  In addition to a top-notch team of energy lending and contractor support specialists we offer state of art technology.

Approved Contractors for all programs administered by NEIF are generally well-established leaders in their regional markets. A high quality of work, a commitment to customer service, financial stability and personal integrity are the characteristics we value in an Approved Contractor.

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