Coming soon to most mid-atlantic and northeast states!

Homeowners need affordable payment options for basic home energy improvements to improve their home's comfort and save money on energy bills.

  • Even Basic Energy Improvements Are Expensive
  • It can cost thousands of dollars to pay for replacement or upgrade of heating, air conditioning, insulation, roofing etc.
  • Credit cards and short term “promotional” financing are the lead options currently available but don’t address buyers who are looking for longer term affordability for a major capital purchase - and home equity loans can’t be processed in the short time frame often required

The National Energy Improvement Fund (NEIF) specializes in longer term, affordable monthly Payment pland for homeowners, with no lien on your home, no penalties for pre-payment and only for work performed by financially and ethically stable contractors.  We often work with states, utilities, green banks and other program partners to provide rates and terms that are not typically available from other banks or lenders.

NEIF's team has created and administered some of the nation's most successful energy financing programs and helped thousands of customers improve their home's energy efficiency.

We are in the process of launching several new programs to help homeowners in many states, but currently we are only lending in the state of Maine.  Stay tuned for announcements about our new programs.

If you live in Maine, you can take advantage of special Efficiency Maine financing, administered by NEIF.

Visit  the Efficiency Maine website to learn about special financing and to apply.

For more information contact Randy Bak, Senior Director, Business Development at or (979) 766-7348.