Advanced Energy Solutions (AEP) Program

Learn more about Advanced Energy Solutions (AEP) Program

AEP is a comprehensive energy efficiency solution designed to support PG&E High Tech, Bio-Tech and Healthcare customers in reducing energy costs by achieving next-generation energy performance.

Questions? Contact Heather Braithwaite Vice President, Commercial Finance (303) 704-5057

Steps For Customers

Contact a Program Representative

Call or email a Program Representative for a screening evaluation: 1-888-237-4334 or

Who is Eligible?

High Tech, Bio Tech and Healthcare customers that receive electric and/or gas service from PG&E and pay the Public Goods Charge or Public Purpose Program Surcharge.

What improvements Qualify?

From complex HVAC systems and central plants, to advanced lighting, specialized data center and lab equipment, refrigeration, sensitive process equipment and much more.

Three Simple Steps For Contractors

1. Register as a NEIF – Approved Contractor

If you are not already a NEIF-Approved Contractor, Apply Here! Work must be performed by a  NEIF – Approved Contractor.

2. Propose and Close Projects

Use the NEIF Commerical Finance Portal to propose and close more projects and bigger projects with simple monthly payment solutions.

3. Connect with Your Customers

Send the online Finance Application directly to your customers.


Program Info Sheet

Learn more about the program and its basic terms.

Contractor Training

Schedule a one-on-one training with Heather Braithwaite for a demo of the Commercial Finance Portal and process.

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